So, here's the second pastel 'painting'. This one took SIGNIFICANTLY less time (like 1/7th the time) than the other one, because on the other I procrastinated a lot on the tomatoes. (Never doing something that repetitive again.) Plus on this one, I used a lot less of that whole 'opposite color shadows' thing, so I THINK it also looks a bit cleaner as a whole. I may be wrong. :)

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, I didn't get this out of my head, I drew from a picture, like most sane people. ;) The picture I drew off of came from Wikipedia, and that picture is NOT MINE and copyright legal issues are not intended. Don't need any of that. o3o

ANYWAYS, I'm really not sure if the -real- picture, the physicalonpaper one, is fixative'd enough. o___o; It seems a bit smudgy to me. Hope that isn't an issue.

Sooo. TTYL, internet. ;D That's probably it for today.

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