'Tis a tree.

'Tis a tree. 'Tis a tree in my backyard. Wonderful, no?

Actually, I'm getting sick of it. So no, the actual tree isn't wonderful. It's on the border of annoying, really, drawing that tree.

I swear, I must be some kind of tree-drawing master by now. Eek, what a lame title. x]

So that's it for today, peeps. Sorry about the lack of TLDR-worthy text, my inner ramblings are occupied being poured into a journal of sorts.
Don't ask. ;)

Hope you liike it! :D



This may look like some forest in the wilderness...

Ah but it's not.
It's the pond by my house.

It is a nice pond, though. Lush. Green. I think it's been frozen over a few times this year. ANYWAYS, I did this today. (See? I'm not being lazy about posting it!) It was about the one time I got off my computer. I actually went outside. (Write this down, somebody!) Anyways, it took about an hour, and in the process of making it my right hand went numb, I knocked my pastels off the chair, I freaked out three birds, and I think my toenail turned purple.

Creating art is just so peaceful, you know?

Pastels on pastel paper, ~1 hour.
Hope you like it. Took long enough xD