Teehee. :]


Pot! :D

Pots, actually.
Ceramic. Not leaf.
Not illegal. :)

I actually really like this one. :D It took forever, though, so much detail. Worth it. :)

Hope you like it too, as always. :)


  • Picture was taken from here: Wikipedia!
    The picture was donated by the Tropenmuseum (whatever that is :]) to Wikipedia, under this license which basically provides that I may share/remix the image as long as I attribute it and provide it under a similar license.

'Tis a face....

Image credits go to a-t-i-s of deviantart.com, wonderful picture :) I was given permission to use it.

So this is the second time I've tried coloring the paper black and then erasing the picture. I really like it! owo; Heh. Hope you do too :)


Some old art :)

Stuff that's a few weeks or so old, forgotten to upload it. Hope you like, as always :)