...And that is a cardinal. [/semi obvious.] I really don't feel like writing a description for this thing. :/ Because I'm pretty good at coming up with some lame descriptions. ;) hehehe.

Anyways, colored paper & charcoal on newsprint, ~456456 hours. Or so. (i'm slow! D:)
And stock credits go to http://sharp-stock.deviantart.com/
Yosemite is nice. D:

Charcoal -> newsprint, ~3 hrs.
(I'm so slow. D:)


Squawk. Kind of.

G. delicata. :D Also known as Wilson's Snipe. Also known as those birds on the beach that will eat everything and anything.

~4hr, colored pencils on newsprint.
(Damn, that stuff is great. xD)

Reference picture found here: http://tinyurl.com/y92uzwd
Licensed under this license,: http://tinyurl.com/2dkzmd
which basically provides that I may adapt the work as long as I properly attribute it and provide it under a similar license. ;]

28 things you should know, especially if you care enough to read them.

Just need to vent or something.
  1. I don't like you.
  2. ittt annnoyyysss meeee whenn peoplleeee tyyyyppe liiiikee thisssssss
  3. I have way too many pets. :P
  4. Spelling things the English way is more interesting.
  5. My grammatical correctness seems to be a function of my mood. Directly or inversely, though, I don't know.
  6. I'm probably smarter than I look, that is if I don't look smart. ;)
  7. I still don't like you.
  8. That doesn't mean I don't think you're a perfectly good person, I just don't like you. :)
  9. I once thought of 50 uses for a tin can. Surprisingly, this is more difficult.
  10. I'm amused at how many negative things I'm typing. Shows a lot about me, eh?
  11. I say ain't even though I ain't from Georgia.
  12. This must be really boring. :D
  13. i think if i 'forget' to capitalize it'll be more interesting for you. (that was a reflection of my views on society)
  14. And yet, I'm going to capitalize this anyways.
  15. I read books that I only halfway understand. To make up for that, I skip half of the chapters.
  16. I wear hats indoors because I'd never dare to wear them outdoors.
  17. Whenever I forget what I was planning on Googling, I actually Google 'I forgot what I was going to Google'.
  18. ARE YOU BORED? (Comment!)
  19. The Killers are like my freaking lifeblood. (deathblood?)
  20. I really hate those amateur manga 'artists' who think they don't need to learn any drop of realism first. They do.
  21. There are a lot of those kinds of people.
  22. I seem to have a lot of harmless addictions that come and go: truffles, cheez-its, goldfish, tic-tacs, cough drops...
  23. I actually have a favorite kind of paper; it's newsprint. :D
  24. White chocolate isn't actually chocolate! D:
  25. Poke wars are amusing.
  26. I set my personal expectations way too high. I think.
  27. Facebook: yet another one of my addictions. I swear, I should just delete my account.
  28. Okay, I only got to 28. Maybe I'll add more later.



Oh, the places you can go when you have a parachute. ;]

Like off the side of planes. I'd imagine parachutes are very useful there. :)

Picture taken from Wikipedia's public domain, I believe it got there because it was taken by the U.S. Army. Killing people to prevent more deaths. Whee-hee. :/ Anyways, ~2347234 hours, charcoal +tiny bit of pastel on newsprint.


indonesia, pre-tsunami :)

So I was going through Wikipedia one day about a month ago, looking for things to draw, when I came across this HUGE multitude of pictures of Indonesia. They're all from somewhere around the 1910's-30's, and they're all amazingly vintage. :D So great. Even better, there's about 35,000 of them! I guess I'm going to be drawing for a long time, ne? Haha x]

Pictures taken from here: Un! Deux! Trois!
The pictures were donated by the Tropenmuseum to Wikipedia, under this license which basically provides that I may share/remix the image as long as I attribute it and provide it under a similar license.


Teehee. :]