Brie :)

This is based off of a picture taken a while back, 1990's-ish. It's Brie, my family's cat at the time. Beautiful kitty. :) (ALL my family's cats are adorable, duh!) At first I thought this was going to turn out really bad, based on the half completed version of it, but I surprised myself and now I love it. :)

Commentsquestionsconcerns? :O



Greece! :)

My family and I were looking through some old photos on the web, and turns out my mom and dad went to Greece sometime ago. (Before kids. Obviously.) And they took this really pretty picture of these three windmills, too! :) So I was like HEY! I should draw/paint that! And I did, and this is the result. Voila~! :)

I also happened to draw/paint this right after I was looking through a book of World Art, a book that happened to have a lot of Impressionist (Van Gogh, Monet) paintings that I really liked. As you *might* or might not have noticed, I used that technique that they have (had?) and made the painting/drawing with a bunch of tiny little strokes. :) Yep. I like it, it has that kind of airy, light feel to it that Impressionist paintings had.

SO I hope you like it. :) It's one of my favorites that I've done so far.



Yosemiteee. :)

Ah, yes, the week away from civilization that all eighth graders are forced to endure. Yosemite. :) Is a week from civilization a good or bad thing? Tell me. :D heh

SO. For once, I decided that instead of being a borderline semicriminal that I would use a picture that wasn't copyrighted by anyone and that somebody I know took. Heh. :) (As in my mom.) So yeah, that's about it... tell me what you think :)



Salt water tastes bad. :)

It's..... Diamond Head! yepyep.:) That's a beach in Hawaii. (I think it's famous, but I don't know much about beaches.) Sure is pretty. :D

SO I was feeling nice. And my mom happened to grow up in Hawaii, and I *think* she went to Diamond Head a lot, so I made her this picture. :) I think it's really pretty, and I ALSO think that I'm much better at landscapes than I am at that flower down in the previous post. :)

(For those who don't understand thumbnails: click on the small picture to get a bigger, better picture. -u-;)

So once again, I got the picture from Wikipedia. :/ Probably not the best idea.... But don't worry, law! I'm going to start using my OWN pictures soon! Yep! So.... stay around and such. :)



Hmm-mm. :o

Another one of my pastel paintings x] These are so fun! Anyways, I don't know if I like this one as much as I should. It just doesn't seem as realistic as I should, ya know? I dunno. xD I shouldn't criticize my own work, just be happy for the bit of talent I DO have, I guess. meh. :]

Anyways, I've been on Pandora, listening to my channel of Death Cab For Cutie-esque stuff. And mannn, there are some really good artists out there. Joshua Radin, Postal Service,.... and a buncha others that I didn't catch the name of. o_o; Anyways, if you by any slim chance like meaningful soft music checkitout. [/advertising]

:) Anyways, tell me what you think of the flowerr. Leave some comments for once! :D



So, here's the second pastel 'painting'. This one took SIGNIFICANTLY less time (like 1/7th the time) than the other one, because on the other I procrastinated a lot on the tomatoes. (Never doing something that repetitive again.) Plus on this one, I used a lot less of that whole 'opposite color shadows' thing, so I THINK it also looks a bit cleaner as a whole. I may be wrong. :)

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, I didn't get this out of my head, I drew from a picture, like most sane people. ;) The picture I drew off of came from Wikipedia, and that picture is NOT MINE and copyright legal issues are not intended. Don't need any of that. o3o

ANYWAYS, I'm really not sure if the -real- picture, the physicalonpaper one, is fixative'd enough. o___o; It seems a bit smudgy to me. Hope that isn't an issue.

Sooo. TTYL, internet. ;D That's probably it for today.

some veggies ain't for eating.

Because I think if ya ate these, you might get electrocuted and need a few stitches. Just saying. ;) hehe.

Anyways, in art class, (eep!,) we just ended a pastel unit, and I discovered that HEY! I'm actually pretty good at pastels. I drew some sushi and this funny surfer guy. (I left his face out, just because he looked a lot like a scary-ish teacher from our school. heh. No offense to scary teacher.) I'll upload those when I get them back, about two months from now. -___-; (They're being displayed in the school district's office. Whoopee.) In the meantime, I decided to go out and get my own pastels so I could keep at it, and I drew this. What can I say, pastels are fun :)

Got one more for ya today, so stay around. ;)

(Pastel on paper. Took a week 'cause I'm lazy.)