Salt water tastes bad. :)

It's..... Diamond Head! yepyep.:) That's a beach in Hawaii. (I think it's famous, but I don't know much about beaches.) Sure is pretty. :D

SO I was feeling nice. And my mom happened to grow up in Hawaii, and I *think* she went to Diamond Head a lot, so I made her this picture. :) I think it's really pretty, and I ALSO think that I'm much better at landscapes than I am at that flower down in the previous post. :)

(For those who don't understand thumbnails: click on the small picture to get a bigger, better picture. -u-;)

So once again, I got the picture from Wikipedia. :/ Probably not the best idea.... But don't worry, law! I'm going to start using my OWN pictures soon! Yep! So.... stay around and such. :)


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