some veggies ain't for eating.

Because I think if ya ate these, you might get electrocuted and need a few stitches. Just saying. ;) hehe.

Anyways, in art class, (eep!,) we just ended a pastel unit, and I discovered that HEY! I'm actually pretty good at pastels. I drew some sushi and this funny surfer guy. (I left his face out, just because he looked a lot like a scary-ish teacher from our school. heh. No offense to scary teacher.) I'll upload those when I get them back, about two months from now. -___-; (They're being displayed in the school district's office. Whoopee.) In the meantime, I decided to go out and get my own pastels so I could keep at it, and I drew this. What can I say, pastels are fun :)

Got one more for ya today, so stay around. ;)

(Pastel on paper. Took a week 'cause I'm lazy.)

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