Greece! :)

My family and I were looking through some old photos on the web, and turns out my mom and dad went to Greece sometime ago. (Before kids. Obviously.) And they took this really pretty picture of these three windmills, too! :) So I was like HEY! I should draw/paint that! And I did, and this is the result. Voila~! :)

I also happened to draw/paint this right after I was looking through a book of World Art, a book that happened to have a lot of Impressionist (Van Gogh, Monet) paintings that I really liked. As you *might* or might not have noticed, I used that technique that they have (had?) and made the painting/drawing with a bunch of tiny little strokes. :) Yep. I like it, it has that kind of airy, light feel to it that Impressionist paintings had.

SO I hope you like it. :) It's one of my favorites that I've done so far.


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